The Weekend

8:39 PM

We had a very busy weekend.  It was filled with family and travel.  And of course the Easter Bunny.  Last Wednesday we left for Minneapolis/St. Paul.  We went for a cousins wedding.

We did a lot in our four days in the Twin Cities.
We *rode as many rides as her height would allow at the Mall of America;
*swam everyday in the indoor pool at the hotel;
*drove to Northfield to have lunch with another cousin who is attending college there;
*saw family at a dinner after the rehearsal;
*ate so much food that I won't need to eat for a week;
*and danced our feet off!  

We were on an early flight home so we had a very lazy Easter day.   

Have a fabulous week my friends!

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  1. it looks like that girl knows how to shake it!!!! too cute!!!

  2. happy Easter! Looks like you had a full celebration! I'm still recovering from the food that I ate :)


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