New Socks for Mama

6:52 PM

Look!  I finished a pair of socks in less than five years!  These were two at time toe up magic loop socks.  Ravelry pattern here.   I like the pattern because it gives you the basics and then you tailor it to the needles and yarn used.  Basically I wound two balls of yarn from the skein of sock yard. I'm ok with the way the stripes are not matching like some self striping socks.  I mean, who's going to see them?  Toe up was  a little hard to get started, but with some serious YouTube watching I finally got them started and once I had a few rounds on the needles it got easier.  There are a few mistakes I found after I finished, but again, who's going to see them?   

The one issue I did have was the laddering which you can see in the picture of the socks laying flat.  It looks like it's part of the pattern, but it is not.  I think it happened mostly because I wasn't pulling the yarn tight enough on my turns.  Just a guess though.  

I used the Russian Bind Off because that was one of the bind off methods suggested by the pattern.  I had never used it before and while it was easy enough, I'm not sure if it was the right one for socks.  What do all of you sock knitters suggest for a bind off method that is stretchy enough to get on and off?  Also do you wash your socks in the machine or by hand?  Throw them in the Dryer? 

All in all, it wasn't so difficult to knit a pair of socks.  I would totally do two at a time again because I do have that dreaded second sock syndrome.   Socks just are not my favorite thing to knit.  

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  1. Congratulations Jen! Isn't sock knitting just so much fun? I have not tried toe up socks yet, but it's on the list for this year.

  2. Those look comfy for those cold Colorado winter nights! :)

  3. hip hip hurray! now you need to start another pair ;)

  4. The laddering just looks like it was meant to be there - and at least it's on both of them!! Hooray for finished socks!!!

  5. your socks look GREAT!!!! I've found the after a few washings and wearing the 'ladder' tends to disappear. I definitely wouldn't worry about that!!!! EEEEEK. No dryer. EVER!!! I do usually handwash/air dry my socks, but occasionally I'll toss them in the washer on delicate....always air dry, though!!!


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