The Weekend

9:50 PM

Our "weekend" was spent in Anaheim, California at Disneyland!   C's birthday was last Tuesday and my birthday was Friday.  So we spent Thursday hanging with princesses!  We had breakfast with Ariel, with Rapunzel, Belle, Tiana and Cinderella dropping by!

C wore her Snow White dress from Halloween.  While we were walking down Main Street in Disneyland she happened on Snow White.  She walked hand in hand with C for a few minutes and then graciously posed with C for pictures.  (I know it is part of their job to pose for pictures, but I think she was going on break).

Snow White and Snow White
 We also go to meet Anna and Elsa of Frozen fame.  C showed Anna her earrings- which are Anna earrings- and Anna exclaimed "You have me on your ears!  Can I wear you on my ears?"  
Anna and Elsa with a mini Snow White

Mama in her Queen crown! 
 We wore her out!  We spent the whole day at Disneyland and California Adventure without stopping for a nap.  Bryan and I were able to split up for some single rider adult rides.  There is really nothing like spending a day with princesses and random people telling you "Happy Birthday" all day!  (C got "Happy Birthday Princess!").
Worn Out

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  1. Happy birthday little princess! What a magical way to celebrate :-)

  2. happy birthday! I would have loved that kind of celebration when I was a child. I've never been to disney land or world only in my imagination :)


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