31 Days of Spending Zero::Update

8:49 PM

Week one of the 31 days of living well and spending zero challenge is in the books.  How'd we do?  I thought we did really well until I got home from work yesterday.  I didn't think it was too difficult this week to not spend any money.  But I worked seven out of the last eight days.

Like most people we live paycheck to paycheck so when payday rolls around we usually have most of the check already accounted for.  This week was no exception.  I got paid on Monday and paid the bills that were due from the 1st-15th.  I shopped at Target and Costco and bought ONLY the items that were on my list!!!  That was a major score for me.  Have you ever gone to Target and only bought list items?  It's difficult.

One of the challenges this week was a pantry clean out.  I dug through the pantry and freezer and made lists of what we had on hand and will try to meal plans around that.  I also went to the grocery store for perishables.  My grocery budget this week was $30.  I spent $33 and was impressed that I got everything I needed!

I got home from work yesterday to find that my husband had purchased a new bicycle.  Ugh.  So I'm a little bit frustrated.  Apparently he is not on board with the challenge.  We've also paid for a new tires and a hefty car repair bill.

I put money aside back in April for my Rhinebeck trip with the Dragons (Bryan calls our crafting group that because as he says we sit around and "spew fire").  My challenge for that will be to stick to the budget I set up!

I'm excited to see what week 2 has in store!

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  1. Well hopefully he won't buy a bike every week, it's a one time thing. I think just knowing where the money goes is half the battle. I cannot wait to read about next week!

  2. I think you can call the week a success, not so for your husband, but then I have one of those too so I understand ;)
    Except for the monthly bills I haven't spend anything although I almost did. Quince & Co. released a new pattern yesterday and I caught myself about to order the kit, but I stopped myself. I am pretty fortunate when it comes to food, since we live so far out from town I always keep a well stocked pantry and we have two freezers full of food so expect for milk I'm good.


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