Knitting This Week

6:30 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share books and yarn.  I worked on several projects this week mostly the purple sweater for C's school fundraiser.  I finished the back and started the left front.

On Monday I had a bit of time before I picked C up at her school so I stopped at the new Goodwill store.  I was generally disappointed with the store- I'm not sure if it's because it is new and not fully stocked or it is was a Monday and they had a busy weekend, but the store was not stocked and not organized at all.  I did however score some awesome yarn!

That's right!  I got four skeins of Cascade 220 for $1.99 each!  And it's a color I love!  I've already been searching for sweaters or vests to make with it!  I also got this skein of Abuelita yarn for $1.99.  I will use it to make something for C.  I'll definitely check back to see what kind of yarn they are stocking.

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  1. I never find good yarn at our local Savers. I have to check other thrift stores though. What a deal! And that color is awesome. Have a great week Jen!

  2. Every once in a while I find a good yarn buy at our local Goodwill, but I've never found THAT great of a deal! Hope you find the perfect project for both varieties. :)
    xo Lisa

  3. What a SCORE! I love Cascade 220. And to find so many skeins of the same color - lucky you!

  4. Wow! I have never, ever found yarn at my Goodwill, good for you!

  5. LUCKY! I only find icky found a perfect color!!

  6. Um, I've never even THOUGHT to look at Goodwill for yarn. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!?! That's an awesome deal, love the color. How fun!

  7. Even if it didn't have other good stuff, it is clearly a wonderful Goodwill because it has nice yarn. Ours only has acrylic, if it has any. Great find!


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