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I am not a crafty person. I want to be a crafty person. I look to books and the internet for inspiration. Some days it strikes. Usually that happens in between paychecks. I am learning to sew and quilt. My mother-in-law bought me a 1940's Singer sewing machine at a garage sale. And it still works. I know there are a lot of things the machine can't do compared to modern machines. But at this moment it does what I need to it to do. I found a quilt pattern that I would like to make. Only I would like to make the quilt top and the attach it to a duvet that I've had for years and don't use anymore. I'm not sure if it would work. In my head it works just fine. We'll see once I get going on it!
I knit. I learned when I was 5 or 6 and in 4-H. However, I can't read pattern. Mostly because I never learned that part of it. I make stuff up. I make blankets for the Linus Project . Now I am wanting to branch out from the easy projects like blankets and scarves to more challenging ones. I have a folder of patterns I've printed from the internet as my "someday when I have time" projects. It is a matter of time and money. No time and no money! I've been working on the felted handbag project since mid October and I'm only halfway finished.
Maybe now that I am a semi stay at home mom I can tackle more crafty projects!

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