Pinkie Swear

12:43 PM

My first blog. Where to start? A little background perhaps? I am a new mom to a 10 month old, beautiful baby girl. I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I am a runner. I was a runner? No. I am a runner. I just haven't run in a long while. I ran the Bolder Boulder 10K in May 2010 and then found out I was pregnant. Between full time work and creating a human being, I was exhausted. I didn't run much. I didn't even work out much. I did manage to walk the dogs several times a week for a couple of miles a walk. I walked the dogs until I got put on bedrest. Baby girl was born January 2011. Let the sleepless nights begin. I couldn't run then. I could barely get through the day. Sleep when the baby sleeps leaves not time for a run. Even the dogs got neglected. Next thing I know it is May 2011 and the Bolder Boulder is coming around again. Should I run it? I hadn't run in a year. But I do this race every year. I couldn't let my streak end so I "wogged" it. I couldn't run it all, but I jogged and walked it. Now I should say I'm not a good runner, but the thought of not even trying the race bothered me. WORST. TIME. EVER. I am competitive with myself. I needed a goal to get myself back in the mindset. All of my running friends were running in half and full marathons. That is what I needed to do. Find a race to enter. Give myself time to get back into shape, but with a goal of a race to run.
I googled half marathons for the March/April timeframe to find a race to enter. I have previously run the Race for the Roses in Portland Oregon. It is in April. That would be my race. I mentioned my goal to my good friend Tina who runs half marathons. She said she would run it with me. We pinkie swore. I can't let her down. I can't let myself down. I stared jogging on the treadmill at the gym. On TU 11/8 I jogged and walked a total of 3 miles. I even felt pretty good afterwards.
I decided to blog about my training. In my head, I thought if I put it down on paper (computer) where anyone could read it, I would be held accountable. So here it is...a blog and a pinkie swear and I'm on the road running again. Thanks.

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