Sleeping Baby

12:15 PM

My sweet baby Corrine is not a cuddler. I can console her for a moment and then she wants down. This morning when she woke at 3AM I silently cursed her for waking when she normally sleeps through the night. I hugged her and wrapped her back up in her blanket and laid her back down. No go. She screamed. I picked her back up and we swayed back and forth for a few minutes (mostly because mama was sleeping on her feet). I laid her back down. Didn't work. So we sat in the rocking chair and cuddled. We rocked for about 15 minutes, she sucked her thumb and fell asleep. I love that she is independent enough to want to do her own thing, but I really like those moments when we can cuddle up even if it is at 3AM.

Corrine is also not a napper. Or rather she wasn't a napper. She was a cat-napper. Now that she is mobile we are getting one GOOD nap a day. And by good, I mean longer than 30 minutes. She can go now from an hour to three hours! Imagine the things I can get done in more than 30 minutes.

I'm not complaining. This is what make my daughter her own person. And that is what I want her to be.

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