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6:00 AM

Back in early December I had an unexpected day to just sit and knit.  I got most of Corrine's Benedick and Beatrice vest finished.  By Christmas I had finished the button band and the arm bands.  Then it took me a week to find my way to the store to find a button that would work.

I'm hoping that she'll be able to wear it next fall as well since it's a little big. 

I also finished The Summit.  FINALLY!  There are 12 repeats of the right and left sections.  I had debated adding two more sections (no 13!), before finishing off.  I thought it might be more of scarf as well as a shawl if I made it longer.  But in a moment of utter frustration and lots of bad words I called it done.  As I soaked it in wool wash, I watched those tight little fibers give a little bit.  And after I blocked it I'm glad I didn't add the extra sections (and give myself a headache in the process).  It relaxed    beautifully and will do one wrap around the neck or lay very nicely as a shawl across the shoulders.  
I'm not sure I would knit this one again.  While it was easy enough, I thought having stitches on the needles constantly was a bit tedious.  I mailed it on Friday to my sister in law.  Not sure how long it will take to make it to Japan, but I'm hoping she likes it.  A couple of little projects to finish and mama can make herself something!

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  1. I'm sure she is going to love the shawl!, I sure do :) Your daughter's vest is adorable and how nice that you will get two years out of it!!

  2. Its absolutely gorgeous - what a generous knitter you are!

  3. Woah! Two finished projects, how fun! The shawl is stunning, the stitches are so even and perfect too. She is sure to love it! The vest is adorable, it looks like it should fit perfectly next year.


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