The Girls

2:37 PM

I don't think I've ever introduced you to The Girls.   They are eight years old.  They are litter mates.  I knew I wanted two kitties to keep each other company when I was gone for days at a time.  A friend of a friend had the kittens.  I visited them when they were five weeks old, not quite old enough to leave their mama.  The owner knew I wanted two cats and I had picked out the tabby.  When I went to pick them up he asked if I wouldn't mind taking the black one too.  He couldn't find a home for her because no one wanted an all black cat.  
The tabby is named Winston after George Winston.  And the black kitty is named Brickman after Jim Brickman.  Both are new age pianists.  Yes, we have the musician pet name theme going on here.  Winston is the alpha animal of the house.  The Big Boss.  Brick is the resident scaredy cat.  She hides under the covers when the vacuum comes out and she'll stay there all day.

Winston has the food thing figured out.  Whoever is up first feeds them a small spoonful of canned food.  Then she'll cry at her food dish to whoever is up second that she hasn't eaten yet.  Grandma comes over after coffee to visit Corrine and Winnie will tell her that she is starving and these people just aren't feeding me.  This has been going on since Bryan and I got married five years ago.  It took him a month or so to say something to me about not feeding them before I left in the morning.  We still laugh at how convincingly she meows.

They are snugglers.  Many a night I'll wake up in the middle of the night to find them both snuggled next to me.  And sometimes right on top of me.  They are also being very tolerant of a now two year old petting them.  Both are talkers.  They both like their heads scratched.  Brickman loves tummy rubs.   Brickman will sleep in the closet on Corrine's baby blankets if you let her.  She also has a box under C's crib in front of the heater vent.

Winston barely tolerates the dogs.  Brickman just ignores them.  Henley (the Newf) follows them around the house.  Winnie hisses, although sometimes it is half heartedly.  Brick again just ignores them.  Henley licks her, she just cleans herself, with a look of disgust at the dog cooties.  He tries the same thing with Winnie and she smacks him.  And yes.  She has her claws.

It's a crazy house full of pet hair.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.

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  1. Aww that's so cute that they are sisters, our cat also cries to EVERYONE as if he has never been fed in his life!

  2. Aw, I love this whole post! They sound so sweet! I think your girls should date my boys. :)

  3. I knew you had mentioned that you had kitties but I had never seen a photo of them. How adorable! I love that they are both snuggly and talkative, they must be a delight! I seriously want to know why people don't like black kittys, I think they are beautiful and always have such expressive personalities. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous little girls!

  4. It is so nice to meet more of the family Jen.
    The girls look lovely!
    I miss having a cat and whilewe have talked about
    getting another one, I already feed so many
    mouths as it is!

    1. Feeding them canned cat food three times a day does get pricey. Bryan and I at least only give them a little bit because we know they are getting another serving later. Grandma is the one who gives heaping spoonfuls!

  5. They are cute together and how nice you had room in your heart and home to take both!! I love when I meet the furry family members.


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