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6:30 AM

It's Wednesday!  And that means it's time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and others to post the weeks accomplishments.  It's all about the books and knitting.  This week I'm working on two fuzzy lambs.  I started the one on the right in the picture for Corrine's birthday on Sunday.  Then I decided to do another one for her little friend whose birthday is the following week.  I used bigger needles for that one.  I thought, if I'm doing one, it's just as easy to do two.  I'll give the smaller one to the friend, not that I think it will be that much smaller.  I found the pattern on Ravelry and thought it was super cute.  It has knit up pretty fast.  I started it this past week and considering I'm lucky if I get an hour in a night to knit...
 I just tore through Sleeping With the Enemy:Coco Chanels Secret War.  I had seen it in the bookstore so I placed a hold on it at my library.  She was not a nice woman.  Homophobic, anti-semitic, morphine addicted and snobby (for someone who was an orphan born to gypsy parents raised in a convent).  She was also a Nazi spy during WWII.  Although she was never convicted of treason in France, I think because she lied her ass off and had ridiculous amounts of money.  We like a lot of WWII history books in our family so I've passed it off to my parents.  I've got a ton of books to read on my book shelves so I'm not sure what I'll pick up next.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I did not know that about coco chanel. I could tell you were knitting an animal before I started to read your post. Love the legs!!! Have fun knitting today :)

  2. Oh that is going to be so adorable!! That is the kind of pattern you can let your imagination loose on too. That book sounds kind of depressing, I didn't know much about her until now. The problem is that there are too many great books and not enough time for them all!

  3. I am going to email this post to my mom - she'll love it! :)

  4. What a cute lamby pattern and now I want to cast one on too! :)

    I am devastated to learn all that about Coco Chanel, I never knew. I may have to find another scent, I've been a Chanel No.5 woman for years!

    1. Maybe the wee one needs a lamby? Or is she too old for one? Yeah, I had no idea about Chanel either, and while I"m not a Chanel No 5 girl (it talks about that in the book), after reading the book, I don't know if I would be.

  5. those are two cute. that Coco Chanel book looks really interesting. i saw the two recent movies about here and loved them.

  6. wow I didn't know that about Coco Chanel! I love the little lamby and now I want/need to make one!

  7. Gosh, I didn't know any of that about Coco Chanel either.
    The lamb pattern is so cute!

  8. Sounds like an interesting book, books about war time really fascinate me too. The lamby is going to be super cute!

  9. Wow - I had no idea that was Coco Chanel's life! How crazy - sounds like it makes a good book in any event! Your lamb looks like he's going to be so sweet!!

  10. Cute lamb - I checked out the pattern. Great idea making two at a time.
    The book sounds very confronting, fits the saying fact is often stranger than fiction.
    Enjoy celebrating with the little people.


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