The Weekend

3:33 PM

We hung out!  We relaxed.  Almost all of the outside Christmas lights have been repacked for another year.  The inside has been rearranged to its normal state.

It's been quite chilly here.  And by that I mean some days we have been lucky to warm up to 25 degrees, which is not normal for us at all.  Saturday it warmed up to 37!  Heat Wave.  The boys got in a good hike with hubs.  But before it warmed up I took us all downtown to the Tivoli (back in the day used to be a brewery) which is now the student union for the Auraria Campus.  The campus is home to (I think) 4 different community colleges.  Anyhoo, we went down there because they were hosting the Denver Preschool Showcase.  Like a college fair, but for preschools.  Unfortunately it's next weekend.  Good thing we don't live too far from downtown.  We'll try again next Saturday.

Bryan is working in Kansas City this week.  He left today and won't be home until Thursday.  So today Corrine and I went to a basketball game.  My parents and I have had season tickets to the University of Colorado Women's basketball program for years.

We've had this little cheerleader outfit since C was a baby.  She finally can wear it!  She claps when we clap and today was really getting into the swing of things.  Made me laugh.

The rest of today is hanging out and relaxing.  Dinner at The G's and packing for mama to go to work tomorrow (Then 12 glorious days off!).

How was your weekend?  Have a great week!

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  1. Oh how cute! It is nice to hear that you have been taking it easy! Good going on packing up everything on time, my family never does well at that.

  2. My home is back in order too, but truthfully it looks a little bare now. I like my home with all the lights strung around inside and the special little holiday blings.
    Going to a basketball game sounds like fun, I have never seen a live game before...I need to put that on my list.
    You must be so excited to have 12 days off, do you have any special plans?

  3. love her outfit! The preschool fair sounds like fun I hope you go next weekend and tell us all about it!! She might make a new friend or two :) I love the way the house looks and feels in January :)

  4. 12 days off, so nice. stay warm and cozy! have a lovely week.

  5. Oh my goodness - she is the cutest! Super sweet! It's been really warm here too - today was particularly bad - most of our snow has already melted!


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