Yarn Along

6:00 AM

It's Wednesday!  And that means it's time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining with Ginny and others to share books and knitting.  Two of my favorite things.  I finished both lambys in time for both birthdays.

Corrine's in the one on the left.  Lamby has slept in her crib every night since Sunday.  
I also finished my first 12x12 square for the square swap I joined on Ravelry.  There has been some drama in the group regarding postage and reorganization.  Some people have dropped out because they don't want to pay to ship squares internationally.  However, they knew it was an international group... and a person dropped out because the group moderator reorganized the group to make it more efficient and this person got pissy about it.  OK, whatever.  Anyhoo, I finished my square and will ship it off to England this week.  

I'm reading the newest Stephanie Plum book.  I started it at Physical Therapy the other day and it will be a fast read.  It's certainly not great literature, but it makes me laugh.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. lovely lambs! and I've read her books before and I was always entertained :)

  2. Love the lambs!!! So sweet. Ugh about the drama on the Rav board. It's amazing to me how sometimes it feels like I never left high school. The drama is crazy in some people's lives!!

  3. The lambs look adorable Jen, I love their little faces.

    I was a huge Evanovich fan, but have fallen behind and still need to read 18. I wish she wrote more like the earlier numbers, I think they are the best.

  4. You finished them already? Wow! They are so so cute, they are going to be well loved I think

  5. Oh man, Stephanie Plum. I love that series of books and that character cracks. me. up!

  6. Lol you have to laugh at some of the antics on Rav (and all online groups I must add!), your Lambys look gorgeous!!

  7. Look at your lambs!! So super cute - I love them!


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