A Rainy Day Project

2:18 PM

One of my chores growing up was to make cookies for lunches for the week.  Just about every weekend I made cookies.  This was one of the go-to cookbooks in our family.  I'm not even sure of the copyright date since I can't find that page.   I inherited it when my mom found one just like it but in much better condition at an antique thrift store.  

 It has been dropped hundreds of time so the pages were not in any order.  The rings don't match their mate and the pages are dog eared, ripped and the holes torn.
Yesterday was rainy and in the 60's (I know, in July even!), so I got out the cookbook, scotch tape and the hole reinforcing stickers and set to work.  The rings still don't match, but they are better.  I've taped the pages and reinforced the holes and put pages in their proper order.  It should be good to go until I drop it again.  But after perusing recipes while putting it in order, there are several recipes I'd like to try.    There is a while section on eggs and cheese.  Pretty soon, I'm hoping for an abundance of eggs, so I know where to turn!

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  1. When my mamaw passed away we were boxing up her things and came across her cookbook. My sister has been usinjg it ever since :)

  2. What a lovely thing to have in the family, definitely something to treasure.Well done for putting in all that time to organize it.

  3. That is so neat! I love that your chore was making cookies for the week - how cute. It has been rainy and cool here too. In New Orleans it was 95 and crazy humid, so I got home to Missouri in the low 70s and it felt chilly!

  4. What a great thing to preserve! I have a lot of old books similar to this - the recipes are full of nostalgia!


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