Helping Papa on The Weekend

6:00 AM

For days now Corrine has been asking "Where Papa?"  Well.  Papa has been on the mountain cutting trees.  There are a lot of pine beetle killed trees in Colorado and my dad has been thinning the forest on the mountain property where the cabin is.  He has a forest plan with the forest service and every summer he cuts trees.  We have a never ending supply of firewood.  Part of the work is hauling the limbs into slash piles...that would normally be my job.  Corrine has been saying "Help papa cut tree on mountain."  Today we went to help.  She did a great job "helping" pick up twigs.  She put them in the bucket and we dumped the bucket on the pile.  
 The nice thing about thinning the trees is the abundance of wildflowers that have been popping up.
 After a "hard day on the mountain" we are relaxing by dipping our feet in the cold creek water.  My brother and I used to play in this creek just about daily every summer until it would dry up.  Good times!
 Some beautiful flowers and grasses along the creek.
 After a hard day of work and play we went to Nederland for lunch.  On the way we stopped at the Carousel of Happiness for a ride.  Or five.  The carousel is a restored 1910 carousel with all hand carved animals.   The carousel is the result of a vision one man and he is the one who carved the animals, it is staffed by volunteers and the proceeds are donated to charity.
 She rode a donkey (twice), a St. Bernard, a camel, and a dolphin!  There are 56 hand carved animals.  Don't they look amazing?!
 I just had to tuck this one along.  Doesn't every town have a town cat?  Fred the Cat or Freddy the Freeloader was a big orange tom cat that lived on First Street.  He would sit on the newspaper box that sat right next to the door of the small grocery store and everyone would pet him as they walked in or out of the store.  The store employees fed him on top of his newspaper box.  The town vet gave him his shots and took care of him.  One day Fred didn't show up for his breakfast.  He was found in a garage on First Street.  If I remember correctly he had a front page obit in the town paper.  And this gravestone is in the lawn of town hall.   Fred was just one of the characters in the wonderful little hippie town where I grew up!
Wow.  We had a very busy day.  And I hope you enjoyed this short little tour of my hometown.

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  1. Now that sounds like a beautiful, full, and fun day indeed my friend.

  2. We have been keeping an eye out for pine beetles in our trees, so far, so good, but if some do show up I may need to borrow your little helper! ;) She really is a little doll!
    How wonderful to have such an amazing carousel.
    We don't have a town cat, but maybe I should suggest that to the town manager.
    Have a great Monday.

  3. Well now I learned something about forestry! Glad you had a helper to ease your job :)

  4. She is such a great little helper! Those wildflowers popping up are so pretty. Great benefit of clearing away some of the trees. I love the story of the town cat! How neat!


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