Random Thoughts on Thursday

7:44 AM

This is what has been swirling in my head so far today...
*  My sweet little Buffett blew out his ACL (really the doggy version, but similar to the human ACL).  He had surgery yesterday and his initial activity level is to be nothing.   We have to keep him confined to one area, which will be really hard to do unless we get his kennel out of the garage.  Basically he can go outside on a leash to pee.  After two weeks he can walk up to 400 yards four times a day.  Every two weeks after than he can go a little bit farther.  But no running, jumping, playing, or hiking for THREE MONTHS!   Pretty much everything this Newfoundland/Border Collie mix likes to do.  He's only been gone from home for a day, but we all miss him.

*  I have come to the conclusion that my sewing ability and what I think I can do are vastly different.  I've already scrapped one project to make a shirt and I'm struggling with another one.  My neighbor threw out a glider rocker and ottoman last fall.  It was in perfect condition, just dirty.  I rescued it.  OK, hubby rescued it for me.  I bought upholstery fabric from the remnant bin.  Lluckily it was more than I needed.  The ottoman was the easy part.  The rest of it?  Not so much.  After this, I'll stick with knitting.

*  Potty training.  We are taking a break.  I am super frustrated with this process.  I guess I thought it would be easier.

*  The front range of Colorado is back in the monsoon flow today.  That means temperatures are much cooler.  Like 20+ degrees cooler.  I think I'll make bread today.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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  1. Sorry about your pup, and good luck with containing him/her...sounds like work.

    Potty training: it's so difficult when you are a control freak like me-my daughter was a breeze but my son...he wasn't trained until he was almost four!! Take a break, slap a diaper on, and maybe when you/she are most successful (in the morning or after lunch) encourage potty use. I know exactly how you feel and it will happen one day.


I love your comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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