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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again.  My favorite day of the week!  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone for the weekly yarn along.  It's all about the books and knitting.  This week I started a new 12x12 square for my square swap group on ravelry.  I had checked out a ton of knitting books and a couple of them were stitch guides.  The pattern for this square is called slip stitch waffle.  It will look pretty cool once the pattern is established.  I'm kind of regretting signing up for this group.  I feel like it is taking time away from my own personal knitting.  It is selfish and if I were to chose easier patterns for my squares it wouldn't take me as long to finish them.  
On the book front I finished The Memory Thief and returned it to the library.  My friend PC gave me Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  I just started it so am not very far into the book  It is pretty good so far though.  The premise of this book is two sisters who are basically estranged from their mother although one daughter lives right down the road from her parents.  Mom has some secrets from her Russian past that the daughters are soon to find out (and me too).

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. It's all about books, knitting or crochet. Don't forget the crochet! ;-)

    Winter garden sounds good, I'm into mysteries at the moment. I will keep my eyes open for it at the library next week.

  2. The book sounds interesting Jen. Next week I am headed to Va. to meet up with my mom and sisters, maybe I should get a copy to pass around!

  3. A slip stitch waffle square, that sounds interesting to me. Looking forward to more picture in the near future. Thanks for your visit and comment, really like that.
    Wish you a great day/evening.

  4. I love the color you are using for your square! The book sounds interesting.

  5. I shy away from signing up to long term commitments. But I admire your sticktoittiveness :)

  6. Love the green! What happens to all the squares?

  7. That book does sound interesting. I need to pick up another book and get to reading soon.

  8. squares are good travel things, though. reason, though, to have a couple things going at the same time! I think someone gave me winter garden, too----and i've stashed it someplace---and i'm sort of between books. Thanks for reminding me about it....think i'll go scavenge around and see if I can find it!!! :)

  9. I hope the square goes quickly for you. The colour is really strikingly gorgeous!

  10. I like the color you've chosen for the square!!! I was thinking of signing up for the group when you first mentioned it a few months ago....but now with all the baby knitting I want to do I'm glad I didn't sign up! Sometime in the future maybe....when I don't have anything else to knit! ;-)


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