Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  This past weekend we had baked tostadas with carnitas and mashed black beans and homemade salsa verde.  Dee-lish.  We only had a handful of tomatillos in the garden this past summer and I made two small jars of salsa verde.  It has just a hint of lime.  I would love to make some more next summer.  The only problem is other than lime and tomatillos I'm not sure what I put in the salsa.  Did I follow a recipe?  Or did I make it up?  So frustrating.  We'll definitely be savoring the last jar.  

*  Yesterday my sweet baby girl tripped over a door stop and did a face plant.  She fell on the right side of her face and at first glance she looked ok.  Then I took her glasses off to dry her tears and her glasses had slammed into the side of her eye.  She has a very "pretty" black and purple eye.  We put a Hello Kitty bandaid on her cut and then mama kissed it to make it better.

*  There is an food swap coming up and while we don't often have a theme, this one is a soup swap.  Last time I made cream of broccoli cheddar soup.  I'm not sure what to make this time.  Any suggestions?

*  Happy Thursday!

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  1. I love salsa verde! We tried growing tomatillos last year but didn't have any luck. Maybe we'll try again this year :)

  2. Your poor girl, I hope she is okay today and her eye is fine.
    I do that with canned goods and always promise to be more organized, but then I never am. :(
    How about butternut curry soup or blackbean soup? Both are favorites here.


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