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I'm not quite sure how it is possible.  My sweet baby girl is three today!  Where did the time go?  Every one said it would fly by.  It most certainly did.  
Corrine at 1 month 
For her first year we took a picture of her with Henrietta Hippo every month on the 13th.  She has gone from being dwarfed by Henrietta to holding her! 
Corrine today
I can hardly believe that we've gone from a tiny baby on oxygen and a feeding tube in the NICU to an
In the NICU the day after she was born
inquisitive, talkative, outgoing, social, friendly, beautiful three year old girl.   She has made me a better person.  She has made me a more patient person (only sometimes though) and I have loved watching the world through her eyes rather than my own old and jaded eyes.  

Happy Birthday Corrine.  Mama and Daddy love you so very much! 

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Three is such a fun age and I know you are going to enjoy watching her grow.
    Yes, the time flies by way too quickly, my first baby is 30!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  3. happiest of birthdays to your sweet little girl!!

  4. Awwww, she really has grown! It's amazing how much they change in just a few short years. She is so beautiful and I know you are very proud of her. Happy birthday to your girl!

  5. i'm a bit late....but happy birthday---when you are 3 every day is a birthday!

  6. Super pictures! Warm Greetings from the cold Warsaw. Have a look at the new photo album.

  7. so cute! isn't it amazing how much they grow and change in a few short years? three has been quite an adventure for us. i'm hoping four is a bit calmer...


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