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It's Wednesday once again and I'm joining the weekly yarn along.  Wednesdays are for sharing books and yarn.  I did not finish the baby sweater.   Last week I left my pattern at the "crafting with kids" day.   Ok, I can't really blame it on that... we went to Disneyland for C's birthday and I got busy.  I did manage some rows on the Hanorah that I'm knitting for C.  I am making the 3T size since she is solidly in a 2T and I would like for her to wear it for as long as possible.  The directions said knit from the under arm for 12.75 inches.  I have knit for 14 inches, plus there is still a border to knit.  My dilemma is whether or not to rip back an inch and then do the border.  Or do I just leave as is and knit the border, making it a longer sweater?

This lovely pile of yarn is my first commissioned knit!  A friend of mine has asked me to knit him a Dr. Who scarf.  I've never seen Dr. Who so I had no idea what this would entail when I said "yeah, no problem."  (I knit four Gryffindor scarves several years ago when we were waiting in line for the midnight release of the Harry Potter books and then we all wore them for the movies as well).  Then I found out how long the Dr. Who scarves really are.  I told him I would go ahead and knit him the scarf, but I would knit him the season 12 scarf which is one of the shorter of the scarves.  And I would knit it around my other projects I have been working on so not to expect the scarf done before summer.  He goes to comic con every summer is San Diego, so that is my goal!  
Photo bomb by Winston! 

I finished Mr. Churchill's Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal.  I thought it was a good book.  There was a plot twist in the middle that I didn't see coming and to me that is the mark of a good book.  There are two others in this Maggie Hope series, but I've not even looked for them yet.  I am still reading Wild, but I have the book.  The other was a library ebook and I had to wait several weeks for it and I can't renew ebooks so I was on the push to finish before it disappeared from my kindle app.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday! 

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  1. If it were me I would just knit a longer sweater. Children grow so fast and if it were longer than she could wear it for more than a week ;)

    My sister ask me to knit a Dr. Who scarf for my niece and I had to ask who Dr. Who was! Can't wait to see yours, maybe you can share some tips.

  2. love Dr Who and that scarf is going to be a fun knit. well an easy knit!! You are so nice to knit one up and I for one can't wait to see the progress :)

  3. I've never seen Dr. Who but I have heard of his scarf!! It'll be a fun knit! I can't wait to see your progress on it!

  4. So what exactly does a Dr Who scarf look like? Judging by all the colors you have picked out it should be interesting!

  5. Good luck with the Dr. Who scarf! I've never seen that show myself but I know it has a big following. Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  6. That should be a real nice scarf with all those colors. I am anxious to see how it turns out since I have never seen one!

  7. Yeah, the original Dr. Who scarf is quite long. But I love the colors in it.

    Happy birthday to C!

  8. just put mr churchill's secretary on reserve.....now i'm anxious for it! :)


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