The 52 Project- January

10:04 AM

I just finished putting together a photo album on Shutterfly for the 52 Project I did for 2013.  I had been debating whether or not I was going to do the 52 Project again this year.  But I so enjoyed looking back on Corrine as she grew from a two year old to a three year old that I decided I had to do it again in 2014.  I decided that I would post the pictures monthly rather than weekly.  

These are the January pictures of my 2014 52 Project.
1/52-  Corrine and her "Princess Henley" (It's a good thing he completely loves her, it was hard not to laugh at a 150lb dog with a pink princess crown on his head!).
 2/52- Corrine and Henrietta Hippo on her birthday January 13th.
 3/52- With Mickey Mouse!
4/52- "Roping" on her "pony" at the stock show.

Jodi, who started the 52 Project just changed to blog from cheandfidel to practisingsimplicity.
Have a great week my friends.

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  1. I am enjoying watching as Corrine grows too. What a sweet friend Henley is to play with; I bet he loves it!

  2. Oh, I would have totally laughed!

    Your Newfie is beautiful and I love Corrine in those glasses. She's adorable.

  3. It's a lovely way to document and how easy is it to pop those digital files to shutterfly?? not like how we did it years and years ago with film. She is fun to watch on the blog :)

  4. Such great photos! It's wonderful to document her life because she grows so fast!

  5. What a great project to participate in especially with a little one. I am in love with the photo of her and her princess!


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