Dr. Who- Complete!!

9:06 AM

It all started in November 2013.   I met my friends TT and Tim for lunch.  Tim says to me "how much do I have to pay you for you to make me a Dr. Who scarf?"  I replied (not knowing Thing One about Dr. Who)  "oh we'll work something out"  After all, I made the three of us Harry Potter scarves to wear to the midnight release parties for the books and all of the movies what could be so hard about a Dr. Who scarf?

When I got home that night I googled "Dr. Who scarf."  Imagine my surprise when I found out how long they were.  There is a website called wittylittleknitter.com (except I can't find it anymore, and it turns up some random page) that details different seasons and various yarns to create your very own Dr. Who scarf.  She has several yarn companies and the correct colors to match the scarf.  The ones I remember are Brown Sheep, Vanna's Choice, and Cascade 220.  I told Tim I would make it for him but he had to buy all of the yarn.  He bought Cascade 220.

The scarf itself is actually very easy.  Cast on 50.  Knit every row.  There are 53 color changes so while it is an easy knit, it doesn't make a very portable knit.  So I couldn't travel (for work) with the scarf.  But it was easy enough to knit at crafting on Tuesdays, knit on road trips and to watch TV while knitting.   I started it in January, but also worked on other projects.  Come March when I wasn't even halfway finished, I panicked a little bit and from then on pretty much only worked on the scarf.  The finished scarf is 11 1/2 feet long, just shy of what was supposed to be 12 feet!
Tim is going to wear it to Comic Con in San Diego in July.

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  1. Damn - that's one helluva long scarf. I have never seen that show but I need to eventually. Great job on that scarf!!

  2. I love it Jen, it came out so pretty. There is no way anyone could tell you're 1/2 foot shy, it's long.

  3. You are a wonderful friend for doing this.

  4. what a friend!!!!!!! (what a scarf!)

  5. Love the scarf, love dr. who and love the photos and the modeling! I bet you are thrilled to be finished with a long project (physically long and mentally long)


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