Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

* We were introduced to Chu-Hi while we were in Japan.  Chu-Hi is made from shochu, carbonated water and a fruity flavor.  Lemon, lime, lychee, apple, grapefruit and peach just to name a few.   Shochu is a distilled beverage made from either barley, sweet potato, rice or buckwheat.   This one was peach (I only guessed that based on the picture on the can!).  It is a cool and refreshing drink.  Think of a Mikes or a Smirnoff Ice.  But better.  This was the last one I imported.  Unfortunately you can't buy them in the States.  I'm a little sad about that.  
*  We have a new goodbye in our house.  A couple of weeks ago I gave C a hug and a kiss and left for work.  I made it to my car before I realized I had forgotten something which was a good thing because she was very upset she had not given me a bunny nose.  She gave me a bunny nose and a wave and said "watch out for snakes."   It has evolved a bit...somedays it is "watch out for dancing snakes" and sometimes it is "watch out for pink snakes."  But the gist remains...watch out for snakes.

Happy Thursday my friend.  And watch out for snakes.

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  1. I may use the "watch out for snakes" randomly to a coworker or family member this week just to see their reaction :-)

  2. You went to Japan? That's awesome! I've never been to Asia - how did you like it? That can looks great and it sounds yummy. What a shame you can't get more of it.
    I love the expression "watch out for snakes" :) I love those phrases that people who care about each other develop :)

  3. eek! do you actually have snakes to watch out for???? I do like that little addition.....I might have to add that occasional to my good-byes to the grands (freak them out a bit! they're old enough to 'get it'!)


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