Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

The view from my office window
*  Henley has been having a hard time shaking his head and he cries when we rub his head and get too close to his ears.  We finally took him into the vet and he has a horrible ear infection.  Apparently ear infections are common with dogs that have ears that hang down like his do.  We are lucky... he is seven and this is his first one.  Because he weights 150lbs, he is getting 3 1/2 pills two times a day.  Bring on the peanut butter!  

*  We have had a pretty nice spring/summer so far...knock on wood.  We've only turned on the air conditioner once.  If we leave the windows open the cool morning air helps to marginally cool the house.  And we just turned on the sprinkler system last week.  Usually we have turned both on by late May.  

*  My brother and his family just moved back to the United States from being stationed overseas in the military.  C has been very excited to see her cousins.  It's good to have them home.  Even if it isn't in Colorado.

*  Can someone tell me where June went?  I can't believe next week is July 4th!

Happy Thursday my friends.

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  1. That view from your office window is spectacular :)
    I hope Henly heals soon and feels better, He's a beauty. And it's so awesome that your brother and his family are back :)

  2. Poor Henley.....hope he's feeling better soon. The vet assures us that Freddy (cocker with similar Henley ears) is one lucky pup that he hasn't had the ear crud. Fingers crossed.
    I'm with you----what happened to June (and May for that matter!!!); not sure I'm ready for summer smacking me in the face.

  3. June when fast for us. Ear infections for dogs are not fun at all :( Hope you see improvement quickly!!


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