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6:34 PM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along. I am joining with Ginny and others to share yarn and books. It's been a few weeks since I've joined the yarn along. I've been working on the Dr. Who scarf in a feverish attempt to finish by mid June. I haven't wanted to bore you with the same project for weeks in a row. 

Yesterday I was in Portland, Oregon (one of my favorite cities). There is a crafting thrift store called Knittn Kitten. (I'd make it a link, but I'm on the blogger app on my ipad and I haven't figured that one out yet). Anyhoo, google it you're at all interested. They everything crafty...yarn, needles, hooks, fabric, ribbon, vintage, etc.  I needed to buy long #10 needles for my sweater. I also bought 36" size 0 & 1. A month or so ago a lady on the airplane showed me how to the magic loop with socks. So I thought if I had the small size needles I might be more willing to give socks another go. I also bought some random leftover balls of yarn. I will use them on a scrap blanket. 

I just finished reading Leap of Faith by Queen Noor. Excellent book. She talks about her upbringing and how she came to meet King Hussein of Jordan. I hate to admit that I am not quite up to speed on Middle East history so for me it was quite informative. The one thing I wish the book had was a map of the region and of Jordan so I could refer to it when she mentioned certain places. 

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday. 

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  1. Sounds like an awesome book Jennifer. So you were in Portland? Another one of my blogging friends loves Portland as well. They want to live there. I really need to visit Portland someday!

  2. Wow, I love thrift stores and craft stores and you have both in one. I'd love to visit there. Your yarns are very pretty.

  3. I love Portland- but only visit rarely since we are several hours away! I should bookmark that shop to check out next time we visit!
    Magic loop is my favorite way to knit small objects in the round! I can't remember the last time I pulled out DPNs

  4. Nice combination of colors for your scrap blanket. I am going to actually make one for my new niece - her room has so many colors in it I figured it would make a great gift and a good stash buster! Looks like you have a real fun craft store!

  5. Lovely stash and your book sounds very interesting.

  6. Yay another scrap blanket planner :) you cannot hyper link with the blogger app. However if you go to blogger on safari you can. I upload the photo on the app, write, then hyperlink on safari. I prefer the laptop the best!!!!

  7. I think you have the neatest job Jen, getting to see so much of our world. I've never been to OR, but would to one day.
    I bet your scrap blanket will be so pretty and I can just imagine a sweet little girl who would love it! :)


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