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9:12 PM

Bryan and I decided this past winter that we were going to plant grapes and raspberries.  We have to find a place in the front yard to plant the grapes.  Grapes are toxic to dogs.  Something in grapes (and raisins) can cause kidney failure.  Henley, the Goofy Newfie, eats strawberries out of the planter and apples & plums off of the tree, so I'm fairly certain he would eat grapes off of a vine.  Granted Henley weighs 150 lbs and it might take quite a few grapes, we just don't want to take the chance.  Anyhoo, we have to find a spot in the front yard that would be adequate to plant grapes.

Raspberries...we are getting some from a classmates parents garden.  He researched varieties that grow well in the Colorado Front Range and now has many offshoots that he dug up.  Since they spread (which is why he has so many to give away), we decided to build a raised bed.

We had some 2x6x8's in a stash pile.  We also had some 4x4's in that same pile.  We cut them in foot lengths to attach the boards to in the corners.  The hubs had to go to HD to buy a couple of more boards so that we could finish.    After we moved it into place an attached the end pieces, I lined the bottom with all of the newspapers we had in the recycle bin.  Next I layered chicken coop poop and bedding and compost.  I think we will have to go buy a load of dirt & compost to finishing filling the box.  I've never gardened in raised beds before so I hope this little experiment doesn't go south on me...

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  1. now exciting!!! nothing better than going out the 'front' door for fresh produce!!! (our asparagus is just now coming up....nothing like it in the grocery stores!)

  2. love that you are creating new beds and making everything exciting for gardening this year. I wonder what we will be planting this year, we haven't decided yet.

  3. I did not know grapes are toxic to dogs, but then I don't need to worry, the deer eat my grapes before they are even ripe!
    Enjoy a few for me :)

  4. I had no idea grapes were toxic until our puppy dog decided to eat some. He was fine but he gave us quite a scare. Your new beds are going to work out well I'm sure.


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