Holly Baby

7:44 AM

Holly Baby has been in my life for 44 years.  I got her when I was two years old.  My parents were in a Coast to Coast hardware store when I latched on to her and wouldn't let her go.  My parents each told the other "I'm not going to take it away from her.  You do it."  Neither of them took her away and I still have her.  She is a 1968 Vogue doll.  She has a cloth body and plastic arms, legs and head.  She has gone through countless body replacements.  She traveled with me EVERYWHERE.

There was one incident when we had gone out to eat.  My mom had taken me to the bathroom and my dad paid the bill and was heading to the car.  He picked Holly up by her head and threw her under his arm, like a football.  Some lady ran after him accusing him of child abuse.  Imagine her embarrassment when she realized it was a baby doll.  My dad still gets a chuckle from that one!

Miss C has started playing with Holly.  I also have a bedraggled suitcase full of baby clothes for Holly most of which were mine (some were my brothers).  The suitcase was mine too.  So it's all ancient... or at least 40-something years old.
Sometimes I worry about how fragile Holly is and that something will happen to her.  Miss C does try to be careful of her though.  Although, I"m sure I can find another doll repair hospital if I needed to!

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  1. Sweet Holly Baby! I had a Madam Alexander baby doll which I received as a Christmas gift in the late 1960's--I loved her to death and wish I still had her so I could send her to a doll hospital too! :) Mine would be ancient too--probably about 45 years. I used to have a little suitcase like yours, only it was purple and blue. I didn't use it for doll clothes because I had a pink metal doll trunk for that purpose. Oh,for the good old days.

  2. love this post!! how nice she is playing with the doll you played with, so many memories and new memories being made. I'm sure you can fix her when you have to IF you have to.

  3. What a fantastic story to go along with your beautiful doll. Just think, one day your granddaughter will be able to play with her!

  4. In our family we are also very sentimental about those dolls and toy animals we've had for such a long time, so I can appreciate the feelings you have towards Holly! Love that suitcase.
    It's funny how that lady spoke up though, good for her, and also good for your dad that she was mistaken :)
    We have a doll that my mom bought after also mistaking another mom for being cruel (thinking the lady had placed a newborn into a shopping cart) because it just looked so very real. Once we had it ourselves we tricked many people into thinking the baby was real, too. That was fun!

  5. That is so gorgeous! I still have an old bedraggled panda bear that I got when I was born.
    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award (hope you don't mind!) You can read about it here on my blog.
    I love reading all your random thoughts!


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