Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  We had our taxes done this week.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I was bummed to find out we owe again.  The whole experience was rather deflating.  Apparently we are not having enough with held on our paychecks.   And then to top it off, the lady doing the taxes tell Miss C that she is doing such a good job sitting there (I had to take her Oma & Papa and Bryan were out of town) that she deserved an ice cream.  So that's all she could think about for the next 90 minutes.

*  Last Thursday we went hiking in the foothills just west of us.  It's a trail we hike a lot.  We were on the way down, Bryan was leading with Miss C in the backpack; I was next; and our friend was behind me with her 18 month old when she stopped suddenly.  I turned around to ask her what was up when she said, "just keep moving.  just keep moving."  I was standing about a foot away from this 4+ foot long bull snake.  Both Bryan and I walked right by it.  It had been sunning itself on the rocks.  Luckily after it startled me half to death, I realized it was a bull snake and not a diamondback rattlesnake.  Plus I'd like to think if it was a diamondback, I would have at least heard the rattle!

Happy Thursday my friends!!

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  1. we owed a lot and I was sad to write that check. But whatever! Glad she was bribed 1 1/2 hours before the ice cream :)

  2. Oh yuck - big snakes freak me out. I almost stepped on a grass snake while out last weekend. I actually screamed.

  3. We had a snake like that behind our minivan in the driveway a few years back. I went around to get the groceries and just about jumped out of my skin. The rational part of my brain knows that odds of a rattlesnake in my yard are slim, but it took a while for rational thought to catch up with the rest of me!


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