Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  Last week I uncovered the strawberries.  Considering we had weeks of subzero temperatures that came and went this past winter, I'm surprised we didn't lose  more strawberries than we did.  It looks like we lost 5 plants.  I've been digging weeds in the veggie garden.  Why is it that weeds come up first?  I love that things are greening up, but really?  Weeds?

The rhubarb is coming up quite nicely and so is the horseradish.  Try as I might, I just can not kill my husbands horseradish.  I forget to water it for weeks in the summer.   I didn't mulch it last fall either and look at it...Green.

*  I have used paperbackswap.com for years to trade books with people.  Basically you post your books and if someone wants the book, you mail it to them and then get a credit for the book you mailed.  Then you can use your credit to request one from another member.  I logged on a couple of days ago to find that they'd changed the way the site works.  Now they have memberships.  You pay for the premium memberships, but the "Ala Cart" membership is still free.  Kind of.  With each credit you want to redeem, you have to pay $.49 for the book you request.  For some reason that irked me.  I have 13 credits, but now have to pay for each book that I want.  I've already paid (generally) $2.70 to mail the book I posted to get my credit and now I have to pay for a book?  I can buy books at the thrift store for cheaper than that.  I've decided I'm going to deposit enough money into my account to get my 13 books.  But I doubt I'll be posting anymore books.  OK.  Rant over!

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. I'm glad Corinne's surgery went well last week. The anesthesia can be rough afterwards. Poor little thing. We were just talking yesterday about planting the garden this year. With the crazy weather we will definitely be waiting a little while!

  2. that would bother me as well. So you have reason to be irked. However they must want to make money or cover the cost of the program in some way. I have never used them but heard of them.


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