Yarn Fest

1:25 PM

On Saturday two mamas and I went to the Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland.  I went with the express purpose of finding yarn for the Stitch Block Cowl that our crafting group is casting on.  I was looking for worsted weight yarn, but found mostly sock yarn.  And some gorgeous sock yarn at that!

 Look at that lace!  This booth was from Fort Collins and had all lace weight yarn.  Most of it was cashmere.  Super soft, but such fine yarn that it would take me FOREVER to knit that beautiful shawl.  One of the mamas bought a skein of black cashmere for a lace shawl she's had queued some time now.

Look at those colors!  This booth had some great kits put together to go with their patterns.

I did find some very nice yarn for my stitch block cowl.  It was made with yak and very soft, but it was pricey.  It was going to cost me over $120 for the yarn I needed which to me was a bit steep (especially when I really want to buy yarn in NY).  So I put it aside and kept wandering.  I did find some great colors at the Fancy Tiger booth.  It is Quince and Co yarn in their Osprey line.  And it was more than half the price of the yak yarn.  SCORE! I think it's kind of funny in an ironic sort of way...Fancy Tiger is about 15 -20 minutes from my house and we drove an hour for the yarn show!

As we walked through, we talked of how it was good practice for us for October when we go to Rhinebeck.  We'll need a group text message so we can check in with each other but still go on our separate ways in our quests for the perfect yarn.  This yarn show was small enough that it was good practice for me so as to not be so overwhelming as I expect Rhinebeck to be!

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  1. I love seeing al your photos, such pretty yarn. Yarn for $120 ?! Wow, I think I would have passed too. I'm glad you found some yarn that will work for what you want.
    Now you're ready for Rhinebeck.

  2. I wish I was there, looks like a fun time there and I would have had a hard time picking and choosing.


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