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6:00 AM

It is Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share books and knitting!  It's been a slow yarn week.  I have been working on Hitofude.  I have learned so much with this pattern.  First I learned how to do a provisional cast on and then I learned how to do a 3 needle bind off.  I have just cast off one sleeve and am getting ready to do the other sleeve.

I met with a cousin last week for lunch.  She let me know that she and her husband are expecting their first baby in October.  Baby knitting!  Two days before the lunch, I had pinned a crocheted baby blanket that is made entirely of scrap yarn.  It's made with a size P crochet hook and 3 strands of scrap yarn.  I've gone through my baby yarn stash and have determined that I'll need more stash.  I just don't think I'll have enough scraps since I'm using 3 strands at once.  But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  I"m excited to get started on this project!  

The book front has gone well.  I've finished three books this week.  Two of them were WWII spy novels.   One was Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst.  The other was His Majesty's Hope by Susan Elia MacNeal.   And I finished the last Corcoran O'Connor novel by William Kent Krueger.  Now I wait patiently for a new book.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesay! 

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  1. lovely knitting you got there! I love wwII reading and on the tv. Sounds like a productive reading week for you.

  2. Oh, a new baby, how fun to have baby knitting/crocheting in your days.
    I have been wanting to knit Hitofude, maybe soon.

  3. Oh that knitting looks so lovely light and squishy with a wonderful drape!

  4. I'm excited to begin knitting for 2 great-nieces/nephews, both due in September weeks apart. My niece told me they're doing the nursery in Dr. Seuss, so hmmmm, I have to figure out a color choice. And then I'm not sure what my niece-in-law is doing with her nursery, so hopefully we'll know soon. I intend on doing alot of knitting! I have to keep up my grandma's tradition for our family. :-) Every new baby must have something knit.

  5. your hitofude is looking great!!!! which scrappy blanket did you choose? sounds like a great partial ball stash buster.....(my whole stash is pretty much partial balls.....I think I could use this!!!!)


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