Baby Blues

12:23 PM

Early tomorrow morning we will check into the surgery center where Miss C will have eye surgery.  She has accommodative esotropia which we have tried to fix with her super cute pink glasses.  Alas when we were at her year follow up appointment, the doctor asked me how I thought she was doing with her glasses and I said I could see her eyes crossing with her glasses on, he replied that he didn't think the glasses were doing their job of correcting anymore.   He suggested surgery.  We did a little bit of research, but trusted his judgement, he is a children's eye doctor and does this surgery weekly.

Basically the surgeon will shorten and lengthen eye muscles to keep her eyes focusing together rather than one eye going in one direction while the other eye goes in another direction.  Her eyes will be red and swollen for a couple of days and she needs to be pretty chill so I checked out some movies from the library for us to watch.  It is the beginning of her spring break and she has two weeks off from school.  I didn't want her to play rough with the other kids or possibly have her eyes bumped or get playground debris in them.

When I took her in for her four year old checkup it was determined that she is behind in her fine motor skills.  Not quite behind enough to need therapy, but close.  We decided to wait until after surgery to see if it is just because she doesn't see well enough up close to do scissor work or writing and coloring.  We really don't know what she sees and doesn't see.  And if what she sees is normal or not.

We will go in for a follow up a week after her surgery to see how the surgery went and then we will have another follow up appointment in May to find out if she will continue to need glasses.  I'm torn.  I started wearing glasses when I was 7 and wore contacts fro 25 years before Lasik so I understand her frustration at wearing glasses.  However she is so stinking cute in her pink specs!  But I would love to see her baby blues clearly.

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  1. I'll keep your sweet little girl in my thoughts tomorrow. She really does look adorable with the glasses! Hugs Jen!

  2. Mike's cousin had the same issue with his eyes and now at 18 no longer wears glasses. I will be keeping Miss C. in my prayers tomorrow and you too Jen, I know how us mama's worry.

  3. I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow.....looking forward to some eye surgery myself on Monday. Tis the season, I guess. (You are right....those pink glasses really are stinkin' cute!!!! Little Miss is adorable...with or without those pinks!!!! though)

  4. praying for her! Good luck :)


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