The Weekend

9:11 PM

I spent most of the weekend under the weather.  I flew on Thursday and thought my head was going to explode so laid low with my knitting, blanket, remote and kitties!  I rested on Friday and Sunday.  On Saturday we had a busy day and it wore me out!  First thing we cleaned Corrine's school- it is a cooperative school and all parents are required to be on a committee, we are on the cleaning committee.  Then we went to a St. Patricks Day festival for a couple of hours and then we drove the complete opposite side of Denver from where we live.  

Miss C has a friend who lives there and we missed her birthday party because we were at ski lessons.  So they had a special date just the two of them (and the parents of course).  
We went to see the new movie Cinderella!  It was super cute.  It was the first movie that C has seen in a theatre and not even an animated one at that!  After the movie we had dinner and then went to their house where C decided she wanted to stay!  

The temperatures in Denver today were in the mid 70's!!!  I wish I had felt better because it would have been wonderful to dig in the dirt.  I did manage to take a three hour nap and take the dogs for a walk.  

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Have a safe week. 

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  1. I hope you are feeling better now! Not fun feeling bad is it? The movie does look like fun, love the photo you snapped of them totally wrapped in the movie.

  2. I hope you are better Jen, being sick is no fun, but being sick and flying sounds awful! Erin took Emerson to see Cinderella this weekend too and I was told it was adorable!
    We are going to be 82 this week and then drop back into the 60's. sigh.

  3. I am anxious to see Cinderella. It looks like such a cute movie. I hope you are feeling better this week Jen.


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