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5:00 AM

It is Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books!  I've work a little bit on every project again.  This is Sylvi.  Aren't those cables going to be pretty?  I color coded the chart so it is easier to see what I'm doing.  I don't think I needed to worry about working on the project in quiet.  Yesterday I took it to crafting and while I only got three rows done, I was able to prove to myself that I can knit and chit chat with the mamas.  I am hoping to get this sweater done for Rhinebeck!

I am reading the last book (so far) in the Cork O'Connor series.  I'm sad that this series will soon be finished for me.  I will eagerly await the next book, but according the author website won't be until 2016!  Oh, the horror!  I am currently five books behind in my reading challenge for 2015.  I'm not worried.  I'm reading 3 books right now!  One on my ipad, one I am listening to and an actual book. 

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!  

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  1. Oh yes, those cables are super and it's going to be a gorgeous sweater. Are you going to Rhinebeck? It's on my one day to do list!

  2. I love those cables, they pop right out!! great color and the yarn is lovely :)

  3. and such a great color! love love love cables!!!!

  4. I can't wait to see you wearing Sylvi at Rhinebeck! It is such a beautiful pattern. It will be perfect for NY in the Fall.


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