Toy Shelves for C

7:49 AM

Last weekend in an attempt to control some toy clutter in Miss C's room we decided to build some shelves.  We live in an old house so space is kind of at a premium.  We used this Ana White design as our template.  I totally thought I could make these by myself, but it took Bryan less than an afternoon to put them together in what would have taken me all weekend.  Miss C and I painted them the next day.  (We hadn't added the backboard yet and I should have painted it, but once the toys were in there you can't see it's not painted).  And when the paint was dry, Bryan carried it to C's room (it's heavy!) and she arranged her toys. Toy storage problem solved.  (For the time being!).

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  1. lovely shelves, that is how our kids organized their "stuff". Made it easy for them to tuck into a container and place on a shelf!


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