The Weekend

2:36 PM

My husband loves me so very much.  He bought me my own travel size bottle of St. Brendan's Irish Cream.  We made hot cocoa in my little thermos and then added some Irish Cream after tubing.  Oh.  My.  Tubing.  We went to the Fraser Tubing Hill in Fraser (Winter Park) on Friday.  What fun that was.  I hadn't been tubing since I was in high school.  We had the most wonderful hill by our house growing up.  But the Fraser Tubing Hill had a little tow lift to pull us up the hill!  No hiking up the hill carrying our tubes!  We played for an hour and it was a blast!

We had dinner with good friends and then spent the night at their house.  We drank until wee hours of the morning celebrating my husbands birthday!  He woke up the next morning saying his hair hurt, but a little coffee and some ibuprofen and we were on our way to the slopes!  After we dropped C off at her ski lesson we skied all day!  

On Sunday it was cloudy and cold, but no new snow.  C and I just played at home all day.   One of the things I worked on was this crib quilt.  It really is a practice quilt for me and I will donate it to Project Linus.  Last year I signed up for a Craftsy class that is quilting big projects on your home machine.  I had originally planned on quilting my king size quilt (that I made 4 or 5 years ago), but I had a hard enough time finding space to roll this crib size quilt out to make the "sandwich" that I think I'll just save my pennies and pay someone to do a professional job on it.  Anyhoo, I spread it out and pinned the sandwich together.  I think on Tuesday during our next snow storm, we'll hunker down again and I'll play with my sewing machine!  

Happy Monday my friends.  Have a good week.  

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  1. Talk about embracing the winter!!! Sounds like fun!!! (especially the irish cream part!)

  2. Can I tell you just how envious I am that you are getting to play in all that beautiful white snow? I am totally envious! ;)

  3. what a weekend and tubing!! you are adventurous, I would be at the bottom of the hill waving hi :) Lovely weekend :)


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