Eye Surgery- An Update

7:18 PM

Miss C's eye surgery last Friday went really well.  She was the first one of the morning that her Dr. operated on.  She was in surgery for about an hour and then in the recovery room for 90 minutes.  She threw up a little bit in the recovery room but not enough to keep her from going home as soon as she was awake enough to leave.   She fell asleep on the way home and then stayed asleep after we got home.  All those drugs will do that... After lunch she complained she didn't feel so good, but just laid on the couch.  Her Oma and Papa came over and she threw up all over herself and Oma.  We got her cleaned up and she promptly fell asleep again!

Sleeping away the day was the perfect way to recover.  We didn't have to worry so much that she was going to rub her eyes, which we didn't want her to do.  The nurses said she would feel like she had grains of sand in her eyes.  We put antibiotic ointment in her eyes (with a small battle over doing it!).  Her eyes were super red and swollen that night and the next day.

Today was her post op follow up.  The Dr said her eyes are looking good.  While they are still a little bit red and swollen, the important thing is that her eyes are tracking together!  She can do her normal activities now except we have to wait for skiing for another week.

We will go back to the eye Dr in May for another follow up visit.  At that visit, he will check her eyes for the crossing and make the determination whether or not she will continue to need glasses.  I feel like the surgery is already a success, just by watching her eyes move together.  But I feel like she is also noticing things, maybe more clearly or maybe for the first time, I'm not sure.

So.  Thank you for your well wishes.  They were truly appreciated!

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  1. i'm sure you are very very glad this is all behind you....and so grateful that everything turned out so well! Been thinking about you all weekend.

  2. I have been thinking of you and Miss C so I am thrilled for the update. Poor little dear I know it's been a rough couple of days, but great news on the success of the surgery!

  3. so glad that all went well and her post op was good news! I bet you are relieved and happy :)


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