Random Thoughts on Thursday

5:30 AM

*  We had a trip to the Emergency Department at Children's Hospital on Tuesday.  Corrine picked up the rotary fabric cutter (even though I told her it was not a toy and to put it down.)  She sliced her fingertip open.  I was ready to slap on some ointment and a princess bandage but I could not get it to stop bleeding.  I applied pressure and we sat and read a story.  After about 30 minutes and it was still bleeding I called her pediatrician's office who said to take her to the ED.  The local branch of Children's doesn't open their ED until 5PM so we had to drive across town.  Ultimately her finger bled for about 90 minutes but by the time we sat in the room waiting for the Doctor, it stopped bleeding.  So they cleaned it up, determined that it wasn't deep enough to stitch and that the cut wasn't going to re-open, they applied some glue and steri-strips and sent her home.   I am so proud of her.  The whole time the medical staff was cleaning her cut she just continued to chat with them!

*  It's been snowy and cold.  But not snowy like New England!  I had a 6 pack of club soda in bottles in the back seat of my car.  I forgot the bring them into the house.  That was not pretty!  Yep.  Those bottles froze and exploded all over the back seat.  The club soda on the seat is frozen making it impossible to clean up all the tiny pieces of glass.  I shop-vac'd most of the pieces, but will have to wait until it warms up enough to vacuum the rest of the shards so I can soak up the club soda.  I found pieces of glass and a bottle cap in the back part of the car (I drive a SUV) so that sucker flew.  I'm glad I wasn't in the car.  What a mess!

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. I'm glad Corinne didn't need stitches. It's amazing that they can glue skin together like that. Be careful cleaning up that glass - no more trips to the ER! And yes - it's snowing here in New England again.

  2. Poor Corinne for her injury, but she sounds like such a brave wee one. Fingers and heads always bleed so much! I was going to say the exact thing Donna said, be careful about cleaning up your car and all the glass, ouch.

  3. so glad she is okay and isn't that glue stuff amazing??? My son has been glued by ER more than once (unfortunately.....).

  4. Thank goodness that Corrine is ok!! She sounds very brave and I can see why you're proud :)

  5. so glad Corrine is OK......and really--think of all the other kinds of things that could have exploded in the back seat??? ewwwwwww.


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