My First Knit

6:00 AM

Rather than bore you with the same project I'm knitting and the same books I'm reading, I thought I would share with you my first ever knit project.  

Back in the day, I was in 4H.  I learned how to bake & cook, I had a Hereford heifer named Rosie that I raised from a calf, & I learned about gardening both veggies and flowers.  And I learned how to knit.  This was the poncho project I entered into the Franklin County Fair in Kansas when I was ??.  My mom thought seven or eight.  I thought six or seven, so we'll go with the average and say seven.   My mom keeps it in the trunk in her basement with some of my other school aged goodies.  

I can remember mom making me knit so many rows a day in order to finish the project by the deadline. Looking at it now you can totally tell it was made in the mid 70's.  I still like the color combos, but it is a super scratchy acrylic yarn.  At least modern acrylic yarn is much softer.  
I did win a ribbon on my poncho, but I can't remember what place I was in.

And that was the start of my knitting addiction.  Yeah, there were some years there in the  middle when it wasn't "cool" to knit but I'm glad those days are long gone.

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  1. So pretty!! I want to make Ree a poncho someday. And look into our local RH club. I sent you an e-mail about the five hour sweater but it was on my i-pad so I'm not sure it went through. It MAYBE could be an actual five hour sweater if that's ALL you did but it took me a few days. Probably a little more then five hours total working on it but it is very quick!

  2. I love it Jen and it's so hip it's back in style!
    I would have love to take 4H in school, but we moved every year. I guess I'm making up for it now will all the knittng and animals that I have.

  3. How cute! Definitely has a 70s flair, but I would totally wear it today too!

  4. What an awesome first project!!

  5. I am impressed that your crafting started at an early age! Love it and I think the colors are fantastic :)

  6. How lovely!! My 4H kids learned to knit with me this spring..well I should say the older half ages 7-10. And our fair is this week so your post is very well timed for us.

  7. Nice! At least you kept your first knitting project. I have NO idea where mine is.

  8. Awesome! that is a very impressive first project! :D

  9. I love that you have your very first project still!!!! I started knitting at an early age, too. My Dad taught me to knit......but he never knew how to bind off. So for years (yes, years!!!) I knit the same green ball of yarn, ripping it out when I came to the end of it----he'd loop a different # of stitches on the needles----and off I'd go again. It's easy to keep a six year old only child occupied, I guess!! It's sort of sad-----I remember that green ball of yarn perfectly, yet have no idea what my first project actually was??!!

  10. A beautiful poncho. Thank you for your visit to my blog - I hope you call back.

  11. SO awesome that you saved this too- That is no small knitting project and pretty neat that the love knitting has continued. I started knitting when I was a kid too- don't really know what I would have done without it?

  12. Nice! I think those colours could totally be worn today! :)


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