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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I'm joining with Ginny and everyone to share books and knitting (& crocheting).  I haven't really been working on any new knitting.  I decided to stitch together the squares I received as part of the square swap group on Ravelry.    One person dropped out and so I have to make my own square to fill in.  Actually, I 'll have to make one small rectangle and one large rectangle.  You can see that all of the "squares" are different sizes.  I didn't try to put them together by color, but rather by size.  After I make my squares and stitch the whole thing together, I'm going to crochet a border around the edges to finish.  Then I will drop it off at the local Project Linus drop box.  
I finished the book Starting Now by Debbie Macomber.  I liked it, but I thought the end was wrapped together too neatly.  I do like her books and wasn't disappointed by this one.  It was an easy read.  I just started reading City of Bones by Michael Connelly on my ipad.   Too soon to judge that one yet.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.

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  1. they are beautiful and how lovely that the linus project gets a thoughtful gift.

  2. I love your blanket Jen and I love that you have such a giving soul!

  3. Beautidul designs. I love the upper left one. Reminds me of a quily my mamaw used to have.

  4. Oh this will be a beautiful blanket!! Ugh no fun to have to sew all the uneven squares together. I did that last winter when I made all different size granny squares!

  5. Beautiful, so eye catching. Always have loved patchwork- such a feeling of modern "yesteryear".

  6. it's always a challenge putting together squares that a bunch of different knitters make. I did it once....and think I did the crochet-thing, but around each square, to sort of make them close to the same size. it actually turned out rather well. (It was a baby gift--long gone or i would have sent a photo). good luck!!!!

  7. What a fun way to share with others, what a fun project!

  8. What a lovely thing to do! I wish there was an English equivalent of project linus.

  9. All those squares are neat! It seems like with the different sizes it would be hard to put them together. But I don't know anything about knitting so maybe it's not as bad as it seems :)


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