The Four Year Sock Project

6:00 AM

In May 2009 Bryan and I took a trip for our first wedding anniversary.  We went to wine tasting in the Willamette Valley south of Portland, Oregon.  We tasted wine, walked around some very nice small towns, ate great food, and tasted more wine.  In one of the small towns we went to I drug Bryan into a cute quilt shop mostly to admire what others can do.  But right up the street was a yarn shop!  Of course we had to go in and being the good husband he is didn't argue.  (I also went into bike shops with him though...).

This is the conversation that happened while in the yarn shop as I was touching all the yarn:
B: you should make me a sweater.
J: (laughing) why on earth would I make you a sweater?  You don't wear sweaters.
B: I would wear it if you made it.
J: (laughing) no you wouldn't.
B: you should make me something.
J: seriously?
B: yes.

At this point we consulted the shop lady and it was decided to make Bryan and pair of socks.  I had never knit socks before and certainly thought they looked difficult.  She pointed me in the direction of a very easy sock pattern, Knitting Pure and Simple Beginners Sock.  Bryan and I decided on a grey sock yarn.  I bought double point  needles and cast on.  It took a couple of months to finish one sock.  I had to go into my LYS to get some direction on the heel, but for the most part it was a pretty easy sock. I then started on the other sock.

Fast forward to the present.  I had to go back to my LYS to get direction on the heel, but I finally finished the sock!  Bryan now has a PAIR!  The socks are a little big so he is going to use them as slippers (we all wear crocs in the house).  The lady at the shop assured me that one skein of yarn would make a pair of socks.  As I was finishing the first sock, I was sure I was going to run out of yarn on the second sock, so I switched to the all grey color.  I'm never a good judge of yardage.  As it turns out, I did have enough to finish the second sock, but just barely, so I'm glad that I used the other yarn.  Maybe I should have kept knitting and then used the grey after all the other was used up.  We are both ok with how they are though.

Knitting socks wasn't too bad, but it will be some time before I'm brave enough to try them again.  I would also like to learn to make two socks at a time so it doesn't take me that long to finish a pair of socks ever again.  If you have an easy (or favorite) sock pattern that I can put in my ravelry queue, please let me know.

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  1. Congratulations on knitting two socks! And thank you, now I don't feel so bad about the pair of socks I've been working on for over a year ;)
    I still have trouble with the heel too and always have to consult my book...

  2. It took me a while to conquer socks. I ended up figuring it out and after that - I became addicted. I usually follow the simple sock recipe from one of the Yarn Harlots books. I have it memorized and it's really easy to modify.

  3. They look great! I've always thought that socks would be so hard to knit.

  4. It is a beautiful sock and I believe you're a sock expert, better late than never :)

  5. Way to go!! I'm tackling socks, not for the first time, this week too!

  6. Great job. My first socks weren't very great but now I love socks and make them all the time. Susan B Anderson had a good sock pattern.

  7. Yay - congratulations!
    I am fond of a pattern on Ravelry called International Socks of Doom which is knit in DK yarn so they knit up quite quickly and simply, building confidence.

  8. Yes! Knitting socks two at a time will change your life! Congrats on finishing them - they look great!!


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