How Does the Garden Grow?

6:00 AM

Slowly.  Back in April when we should have been turning the dirt (heavy clay soil) and getting ready to plant, it snowed once a week and was unseasonably cold.  And that was when I was at home.  When I was at work it would warm up and be reasonably nice, but not nice enough to dry out the garden so we could till it.  

Along came May and I hadn't planted a thing.  Then I had should surgery and was laid up in a sling for a week.  I have been taking it slowly in the planting not wanting to overdue the stress on my shoulder (which I have done pretty much daily anyway), so some things are coming up faster than others.  On the far left of the picture are my radishes.  There are French Breakfast- favorites around here, some Easter Egg type of radish and White Icicle.  What isn't coming up very well are the carrots, kale and red onions.  The spinach is half heartedly coming up and so is the lettuce.  
I have this sprinkler hose (the black one) that you can add sprinkler heads to it where ever it suits.  I loved it the first year I had it.  But despise it even more each year I've used it.  The sprinkler heads get clogged very easily and don't spray in any fashion.  In fact the majority of them just drip into a puddle under the stake.  I do have one of those older green hoses with the holes in them that spray every which way.  On my to do list this week is to bite the bullet and just buy a new soaker hose.  
On this half of the garden are the tomatoes, broccoli and peppers which I bought from the nursery down the road.  I planted bush type cucumbers and under the trellis are lemon cucumbers- another favorite.   I usually start my tomatoes and peppers on the windowsill in the kitchen, but never got around to it this year.  While there was a good selection of tomatoes, the one I wanted, Red Siberian,was not available.
We have been having nice weather here on the Front Range.  I haven't even turned on the sprinkler system yet.  That will change this week.  Today was 90 degrees and windy.  Those little tomato seedlings did not like being so hot.

I must be patient.  It's hard.

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  1. I look forward to seeing it as it grows - I have always found gardens to be so beautiful and I really want to have one someday :)

  2. Gardening is hard work! Like you, our radishes are doing well but our carrots never germinated and some other things haven't been doing as well as we'd hoped. It is a learning process that never ends!

  3. Yes, gardening is hard. My poor garden, the weeds seem to be taking over and we need water too. I was able to visit my herb bed today, not to pull weeds, just to visit. Just do what you can in your garden, and remember, enjoy the process and whatever you harvest will be wonderful.

  4. It's really coming along! You keep on inspiring me to start my herb garden soon. Installing sprinklers is a very good idea.

  5. Gardening is cool, especially if you have an herb garden! Anyway, fixing your sprinkler hose if you think its not performing optimally is a good move. In doing so, you can maximize its benefit and use water properly at the same time. I hope to see your garden thrive!


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