In The Garden: June 28

1:23 PM

Last Saturday I watered the garden to try out my new drip hoses.  I forgot to turn it off when we left to go to a BBQ.  Oops.  The tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers had a good drink.  

This week consisted of pulling up the radishes that bolted.  It was funny though, there wasn't much to those radishes below ground.  They were white icicle radishes and instead of a veggie, it looked like a long, white taproot.  We are still eating the french breakfast and the easter egg radishes.  I had to replant the carrots.  They just weren't coming up.  Their new home is where the radishes were.  We are still eating lettuce in salads and spinach and kale in smoothies.  Although  neither of those plants has been spectacular this year.

west side
 The tomatoes are growing nicely.  I'm hoping to not have a jungle of tomatoes like I had last year.  That  made it so hard to pick them and a lot of them rotted on the plant.  I thought I read someplace that you are supposed to prune off the lowest branches on the tomato plant, that it is supposed to send more energy to the flower/tomato than to the leaves...Does anyone know about this? Have you done that?
East side
 So far (knock on wood) the potatoes look great.  They are growing in a fabric bucket.  I've used it before and have not had great results.  Which is more on the gardener than it is on the bucket.  This year, I've kept them watered and had added dirt to the bucket once a week.  I'm hoping to have more than 8 marble size potatoes.
It still seems to me that things are growing very slowly (except the weeds) this year.  This week has been hot, 90's hot.  But it's a dry heat.  I have spent the last week digging up some dandelion sort of weed.  It's either that or a knapweed type of plant.  Nevertheless, it is annoying and was getting ready to bloom and go to seed.  And let's not even talk about the bindweed that comes from my neighbors yard. Ugh.

Happy digging this week! 

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  1. This is defiitely a beautiful garden and I'm sure it didn't mind the extra drink :-)

  2. You garden always looks so perfect and pretty! I love that you are really enjoying the best part of putting all that work in, there is nothing healthier than eating from your own garden!

  3. My radishes were exactly the same - they bolted and when we harvested them, it was just like a long taproot. I think our soil was too compacted for them to grow. It was my first year trying them, so I don't feel too bad :)

    I've never heard that about pruning your tomatoes, but sounds like it might work!

  4. My spinach was planted to late and it bolted and was very pathetic looking-but it tasted pretty good!


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