Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  This past Sunday there was a knock at the front door.  The lady on the porch lives down the street from us.  She asked if I would be interested in an iris swap later in the summer.  She was eyeing my peach and purple iris.  She would trade me some of her pink iris.  Sounds good.  She introduced herself and gave me her address.  Later in the day we drove by her house (like we do just about everyday) and that is when it hit me.  She gardens in a long t-shirt.  Just a t-shirt.  I didn't recognize her fully dressed.

*  Last Wednesday the high temperature was in the mid 60's.  Yesterday it was 100!  And now there are four fires burning in Colorado.   Three of them are down by Colorado Springs and south of there.  The biggest one is northeast of the Springs and it has burned for two days uncontained.  Over 100 homes have burned.  The wind is blowing hot, it feels like a blast furnace.  The tankers have flown over our house regularly all day.  The air is smoky, it smells like after you've come home from camping.  We've been at a deficit in the water department for so long.  I guess all that snow we got in April really didn't help.

*  The big dog is hogging the AC vent in the kitchen.  Henley goes out about 3AM and comes in about noon.  It's hard being a big black dog with two fur coats.  I think he is longing for some snow!

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  1. Oh my gosh that picture makes me want snow again like right now LOL

  2. what a neighbor! Visual entertainment with clothing and with flower exchanging. I hope the fires stay far far away from you. Such tragedy :( Look at that snow, makes me miss it so.

  3. An iris swap?! Best idea ever!

  4. That first thought made me laugh. Too funny!!!

    It's so sad about the fires burning right now. You guys have really had a bad year weather wise and now fires on top of it.


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