This Week in the Garden

9:13 AM

Wow.  It got hot this week.  Like 100 degrees hot.  Luckily that was only a day and the rest of the days were in the 90's.  The Denver area is under water restrictions.  We can only water two days a week.  We don't have that much lawn to water, so I'm not worried about that.  The suburb we live in is an old farming community, so most of the properties have wells.  We are very fortunate that we can water the veggie garden with the well, so it doesn't fall under the water restrictions.  However, I still follow the watering during the heat of the day and don't water the sidewalk.  

I put some old tomato cages around the rhubarb because the big dog kept walking through it.  Last week the rhubarb was about four times this big.  A friend came over to pick some and she gave it a thorough thinning.  
I planted three different kinds of radishes and they are coming up very nicely.  Just about the only thing coming up that looks great.  We are eating radishes for every meal and I've even been snacking on them in the garden.  
The potatoes got a late start, but they are coming along nicely in the potato bucket.  Last year we got about 8 marble size potatoes, but it was so bloody hot all summer, I think they got fried early on.  If we get more than that, I'll consider it a successful potato harvest!  The white pot is home to hubby's horseradish.  
There are some lemon cucumbers poking their heads through the ground.  Right now it is just a waiting game.  And a weeding one.  Ugh.  The weeds.  I am slowly getting grass clipping around the veggies to hold in the moisture and keep the weeds down.  We don't have that much grass, so it takes some time.  In the meantime, I'm just happy getting my hands dirty!

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  1. looks like they are thriving even though you are restricted. I hope they continue to thrive. Stay cool and have a great weekend!

  2. It's a never ending battle with weeds around here, so I feel your pain! I'm glad that everything is still looking good even though you can only water a couple days a week.

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  4. It has been really hot in Kansas the last few summers too. My poor mother cannot water enough before it all evaporates. I'm glad to see that you are having better luck even with the water restrictions (having your own well is great!)

  5. We are hot and humid here in South Carolina. I wish I could share a little of my rain with you, for once we have enough water and I don't have to worry about our well [my only source of water].
    I do love seeing your garden, it's lovely. I wish we could grow rhubarb here, I had it once and liked it. Have fun in the dirt!


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