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2:04 PM

A couple of months ago I received an email from a company called Firmoo.  They were offering a free pair of glasses in return for a review on my blog. I was going to turn them down until I started reading some other blogger reviews on the Firmoo website.   I decided I needed a pair of glasses that I can keep in my suitcase. 

I don't really need glasses (thank you lasik!) except for driving at night. My depth perception at night is not good.  I got some glasses a year ago and keep them in my car. Even with insurance I paid over $300 for my glasses. So after thinking on this offer for a couple of months I decided to accept it.  

The really cool thing Firmoo has on their website is a virtual try on.  You upload a picture of yourself and try on glasses.  I couldn't get it to work. My picture kept loading upside down even though the picture on my computer was right side up.  I even tried to flip my picture on my computer and then upload it.  I just wrote it off as having an 8 year old computer that sometimes just doesn't have the right operating system to communicate with new technology.  

Anyhoo, I ordered these really cute brown glasses (my others are black) without the benefit of "trying them on."  I have a hard time ordering anything off the internet that would normally be tried on or felt for texture first.  The glasses I chose  don't fit my face as well as the ones I purchased (and tried on) a year ago.  They are super light weight though. 

The ordering process was really easy.  There were a couple of questions I had while on the order form, but hovering over the question mark made little help boxes appear.   The glasses were shipped from China and I had them in a little over a week from the time I hit the submit order button. 

Firmoo has a program where your first pair of glasses is free, you just pay shipping.  If you are looking for an inexpensive fair of glasses and you are OK with buying items over the internet, try them at Firmoo.

Firmoo provided the glasses, the review is all mine.  

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  1. They look fantastic on you! I'm also interested to hear how lasik worked for you and if the depth perception problem is a common side effect? Once I get out of school I hope to get it done because I'm just so tired of contacts, but I'm not sure if it is worth the cost.

    1. Honestly the money I spent on Lasik (10 years ago) was absolutely, 100% worth it. The depth perception problem just started a year ago and we aren't sure if it is just my eyes getting older (you know over 40 and things start going downhill!), or if it is just part of being diabetic. I started wearing glasses when I was in the 3rd grade, so for me it was totally worth it!

  2. I like 'em, Jenn!

  3. You are rockin' those glasses!! Reminds me that I need to get some soon.


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