Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

A few thoughts running through my mind today:

*  I am learning to be patient.  It's a must with a toddler who says constantly, "I do it."  Deep breath in.  Ok. You do it.

*  Why is it always nice weather when I am at work and not home to work in my garden?  So much to be done.

*  Why must I fax documentation to the flexible spending people from TWO YEARS ago?  Why are they just now getting around to it?

above the early morning clouds outside of Los Angeles
* I think I have pretty much decided to buy a chicken coop.  I found a one on a website a friend sent to me.  I was going to build a chicken tractor and had an idea of combining three of them that I liked into one.  However, the purchase of a kit may in fact just save my marriage, so I'm all for that.  We won't kill each other over "some assembly required."

Have a great day! 

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  1. you make some good whys! Why was I bombarded today with smelly people (the unwashed or the 10 pack a day user???) Customer service has gone down hill and that is why it is 2 years :)

  2. Hopefully the weather stays around when you're off work. Ah yes, patience. It's a virtue :)

  3. You must be trying to make a really fancy chicken tractor, the ones we made were a small frame out of PVC pipe with chicken wire wrapped around it. But you can buy some super cute ones! I completely understand the feeling of being trapped inside at work on a beautiful day, no fun.

    1. I saw some on a website that had pvc pipe. It can get pretty windy and gusty here. I'd hate for my coop to blow apart or away.

  4. Every time we make plans to work in the garden, it rains! Puts us way behind. There are some really cute chicken coops out there right now. Good luck in choosing the perfect one for you!


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