New (temporary) Housing for the Ladies

6:00 AM

Last weekend the ladies got a new home.  The little metal washtub I was using was rapidly becoming too small for them.  Their water did was constantly filled with wood chips and Joni was sitting on top of the heat lamp.  We were going to buy a huge storage tub for their use and then when we finally move them outside, clean it and use it for storage (cause we need lots of storage bins).  I happened to mention it to Corrine's babysitter who is also my assistant chicken keeper (in exchange for eggs).  She was out and about and found this lidless storage for $1.98 at the thrift store.  SCORE!  
Joni on the edge! 
The ladies in their new home
Now they have room to spread their wings.  I have found a pre-fab chicken coop (think IKEA for the chicken set) on Amazon that I like and will purchase in the next week or so.  It's still been too cold for them to go outside yet.  They are in their awkward teenage years and don't have all of their feathers yet and it was 7 degrees last night.  Ideally I would like for them to be in their permanent home by May 1st.  It's good to have goals!

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  1. I love the awkward teenage years! Especially with geese, they just look so goofy. They will be so excited to get outside and eat all the grass and bugs they can find! You have a flock of cuties there. Once year when I was younger the spring lasted too long and we couldn't move 12 chick, 6 goslings, and 10 guina fowl outside for a while. They ended up living in our bathroom in storage containers covered with chicken wire for a little while. It made my dad really uncomfortable to be using the bathroom with that many eyes watching him. It was also the best thing ever when I went to feed them one day and I heard "peep peep peep HONK peep peep peep".

  2. Love it all! I just emailed you about doing a guest post on the pre-fab chicken house experience. Let me know what you think!

  3. They are so freaking cute!! And they grow really fast don't they??

  4. I love seeing all these chicks growing into teenagers! They are so cute!

  5. It's crazy how fast they grow! You really do have to keep moving them into bigger and bigger spaces as the weeks move on. Glad you found a cheap solution for the time being!


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