Spring Time in Colorado

1:02 PM

Yesterday it was in the upper 60's.  I pruned some roses in the front yard and it was pleasant.  By late afternoon the wind had picked up and it started to rain.  There were thunderstorms and tornadoes in the Northeast part of the state.  

This was when I let the dogs out this morning and it is still snowing.  Luckily because it was warm yesterday the roads are fine, but it is 16 degrees outside right now.   I know the calendar says spring...

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  1. To be totally honest with you I must confess that I am very envious that you have all that snow and I am sitting here melting, we went from winter to summer just like that. I detest summers in the south!

  2. Winter weather needs to go and leave you alone. I'm sure that your little explorer is also ready for the joys of spring!

  3. Well.....maybe it will melt soon???

  4. I saw this on the news last night and thought of you since I knwew you live in Colorado! I can't believe it's snowing out there this much.

  5. That is crazy! I have a friend who lives in Colorado and she was talking about the drastic change in weather. So weird!

  6. Well, I'm hoping that we are done with winter...hope you dig out soon!


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